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Introduction to Tadelakt

Tadelakt is an ancient plaster finish with roots in Morocco, where its combination of lime soap plaster and application technique has been used for centuries to provide waterproof finishes and to beautify homes. Its popularity has begun to spread beyond its Middle Eastern origins as people across the globe are discovering not only the practical and environmental benefits of Tadelakt, but also the ways in which it can breathe new life into a home.You can find all the best Tadelakt materials here to bring this uniquely attractive and long-lasting tradition into your home.

You apply the specially sourced materials that comprise Tadelakt plaster using artisanal techniques that create a smooth and marble-like surface. It is well-suited for walls, fireplaces, bathrooms and other features where water is present. When executed correctly, Tadelakt creates a waterproof seal that will endure over time and prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. It can bring unity and flow to any living area and is practical for a variety of surfaces, enabling bespoke structures to seamlessly meld with walls and ceilings. You can also dye the plasters to create beautifully coloured interiors that won’t wear over time.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of a space, it is easy to maintain Tadelakt, and it does less harm to the environment than many other finishes. For example, Tadelakt does not require the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals for cleaning. Instead, its soapy composition prevents the build-up of grime and requires only a sponge and water for maintenance. Tadelakt plaster also absorbs the majority of CO2 emitted during its production and is recyclable and biodegradable, so its environmental impact is positive relative to other materials throughout its lifespan.

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