Tadelakt Application Instructions

You can apply the best Tadelakt Moroccan plaster yourself using a range of specialised tools. You apply the plaster using trowels of varying shapes that serve different purposes depending on the type of surface, space, or area to which you are applying it. Tadelakt’s soft character makes it easy to mould into smooth, round shapes with no seams left behind. You can also colour the plaster by adding a variety of pigments, with red being the more traditional choice.

Tadelakt application is labour-intensive but immensely rewarding. It involves applying the lime plaster in many thin coats to an underlying surface, such as a stone wall, using various trowels depending on the surface and desired shape. Once you have applied the layers, you develop the characteristically smooth and polished look by using a polishing stone. The final step is to seal the plaster and make it waterproof by applying an olive oil soap solution. You can reapply this solution every few years to ensure the Tadelakt finish remains sealed.

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